10 New Partners & Payment Module Pilot by Alliance Members

The BitCanna blockchain is live, and development is in full swing. One of the features we are most excited about is the exclusive payment module that will allow users to purchase cannabis-related goods—seamlessly. To find out what to expect from our payment module, and how this benefits Alliance partners, keep reading.

The Future of Cannabis-Related Payments Draws Ever Closer

Seamless, fast, and user-friendly payments is a vision we have had since BitCanna was first conceptualised. It is a vision that allows all consumers to purchase cannabis-related goods without judgement. It enables payments from your phone with a simple-to-use app in hundreds of brick and mortar stores. It is also a vision that offers online payments at hundreds of leading e-commerce sites, without the need for authorisation or prior permission.

With the successful launch of the BitCanna network, our realisation of that vision draws ever closer. The last few weeks and months have been a hive of activity. We have been working hard to iron out bugs highlighted by the community, and to launch our comprehensive range of wallets (lite, full node, and masternode). However, the one feature we are most excited about is coming to BitCanna Alliance partners first—here’s why.

The BitCanna Alliance Is More Than Just a Like-Minded Collective

Our BitCanna Alliance represents Europe’s leading e-commerce and high street cannabis and hemp retailers. However, it is more than just a group of like-minded individuals. Members of the Alliance have shown a dedication to the BitCanna project, and thus will soon benefit from our seamless payment experience. BitCanna Business v1.0 is the first of many upgrades to the BitCanna network that will set it head and shoulders above traditional payment platforms. Our focus is on creating a payment experience that is smooth, fast, and intuitive—regardless of when or where you choose to spend your BitCanna tokens (BCNA).

For consumers, the launch of BitCanna Business offers integrated payment modules for online purchases, followed by point of sale solutions for high street vendors. This is an enormous step for the BitCanna network, and one that we want to make sure we get right. Payment integration will be piloted among a handful of the Alliance’s most prominent retailers. As long as everything goes to plan, we intend to roll out the features to mainstream businesses in early 2020.

The ability to purchase goods from dozens of retailers using your prized BitCanna tokens (BCNA) is only months away!

The BitCanna Network Grows Stronger by the Day

With the benefits of being an Alliance member clear to see, it seems fitting to provide an update on the growth of the BitCanna Alliance in recent months. What started as a handful of e-commerce sites has grown to over 65 independent companies.

Every business brings something vital to the industry, whether that be a comprehensive range of products, market-leading customer service, or a love for all things cannabis. Our latest members include Potspace, Cannabislight, Jurassic Hydroponics, Active CBD, Bareroots RX, and many more. To find out what these retailers offer, use the links provided at the bottom of the page.

For now, we want to thank everyone (customers and Alliance partners alike) for their unwavering support for the BitCanna vision. The future of seamless, cannabis-related payments is nearly upon us.

Links to new Alliance partners:

Yugenial Homepage. https://yugenial.com/
Cbdkonopi Homepage. https://www.cbdkonopi.com/
Potspace Homepage. https://www.potspace.com
Cannabislight Homepage. https://cannabislight.guru/
Hempika Homepage. https://hempika.com/
Jurassic Hydroponics Homepage https://jurassic-hydroponics.co.uk/
Fleur De Kanabis Homepage. https://www.fleurdekanabis.com/
SeedSemillia Homepage. https://www.buycannabisseeds.co.uk/
Buducan Homepage. https://www.buducan.com/
Bareroots Rx Homepage. https://bareroots-rx.com/

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