2018: A Year in Review — BitCanna

2018: A Year in Review — BitCanna

The years may come and go, but 2018 holds a special place in the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts. Alongside the monumental change in cannabis reform, the industry’s first purpose-built crypto utility token was created. Built for the industry, by the industry, we take a reflective look at the milestones of BitCanna’s development.

BitCanna Was Born Out Of A Vision Of Simplicity

One of the biggest stumbling blocks of any crypto token is its ability to be used in real-world scenarios. It can be difficult to successfully navigate the different elements needed to complete a purchase with cryptocurrency. Even if you take the most commonly known crypto tokens, when was the last time you visited a shop or retailer that let you redeem them against products or services?

The idea behind BitCanna was simple; the team wanted to create a crypto token that could be accessed anywhere and used to pay for cannabis-related goods without persecution. At present, several major payment providers prohibit the use of their services for products related to the cannabis industry. By creating a token and a blockchain that was powered by the industry, BitCanna could overcome some of the biggest hurdles holding back market growth. With a well-researched concept in place, BitCanna just needed to get the industry’s leading figureheads on board.

The BitCanna Alliance Is An Integral Initiative That Has Grown And Grown

The second-biggest obstacle to cryptocurrency adoption is a lack of places to use it. For any type of currency to be genuinely convenient, it needs to be widely accepted. Once the white paper had been put together, it was only a matter of time before Europe’s biggest cannabis retailers, seed banks, and e-commerce sites would realise the token’s potential. With their support, the BitCanna Alliance was forged in the first half of 2018.

What started as a handful of industry-leading cannabis providers has grown substantially to include:

• Zamnesia • Barney’s Farm
• Cibdol • Alchimia
• Amsterdam Genetics • Dolce Vita
• Kannabia • Sumo Seeds
• Royal Queen Seeds • Hanf Extrakte

The total number of Alliance partnerships has now grown to over 35 exciting companies!

Although each business offers something unique, they are all united in their support for a payment platform that works. The BitCanna Alliance will make payments possible in hundreds of locations, both in the high street and online.

The beauty of the BitCanna Alliance is that as more partners join, the incentive for new companies to participate also grows. With the mainnet v1.0 release of BitCanna drawing nearer, expect the number of verified partners to continue expanding.

As Support Grew, So Too Did The Community

It wasn’t just cannabis companies that rallied to support a groundbreaking concept, but general public users as well. The implementation of community managers offered an invaluable tool in BitCanna’s development—feedback. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Medium, the team was able to take on board constructive criticism offered by the passionate community. Realising that their voice was being heard, the number of people eager to learn more about BitCanna increased significantly.

• 2,800 followers on Twitter
• 2,000 users on Medium
• 10,200 likes on Facebook
• 27,000 members on Telegram

In addition to the 15 million unique visitors that visit our Alliance partners, BitCanna and its user base have grown at an exponential rate throughout 2018. Aside from the very humbling support from general public users, the BitCanna concept also caught the eye of gigantic crypto websites.

The Crypto Industry Knew A Good Idea When They Saw One

The backing of our cryptocurrency concept from experts was a vital factor in encouraging investors. It also allowed the team to stay grounded and work hard to offer a platform that would not make the same mistakes as other ICOs. BitCanna was rated on ICObench, TrackICO, and ICOmarks. The scores awarded by these sites speak for themselves.

• ICObench 4.5/5
• TrackICO 4.3/5
• ICOmarks 8.6/10

Recognition continues in the form of major press releases on NewsBTC, Cointelegraph, Bitcoin.com, Crypto Insider, and Yahoo Finance. What had started as a simple concept has grown into a globally recognised cryptocurrency.

Taking BitCanna To Public Venues

Presenting information in a digital space is just one aspect of marketing. Knowing BitCanna needed to face the test of public questioning, the team hit the road. Their first event, Cannafest in Prague, is one of the world’s largest cannabis expos. Over 30,000 visitors came through the doors of the PVA Expo as BitCanna CEO Jan Scheele took to the stage and presented the idea to business leaders and investors.

Cannafest was not the only opportunity for Jan to receive direct feedback. He would also have the chance at a Meetup gathering in Amsterdam. This time, however, the venue was smaller, but the crowd would be filled with crypto industry experts, professionals, and analysts. Many of the attendees knew all too well the struggles an ICO can face. With a concise white paper and Jan’s passion for the project, the event was a huge success and provided invaluable insight for future development.

Our Initial Coin Offering Went Live

The roadmap for BitCanna’s development included some significant milestones in 2018. As the technical team worked relentlessly to build the advanced features that would set BitCanna apart, the public got their first opportunity to purchase BitCanna tokens. The private sale, accessible after registering for the whitelist, ran for two weeks. Shortly after, the public sale launched on the 31st of October and remains live until the end of June 2019. Further details on the public sale can be found on the BitCanna homepage.

The Best Is Yet To Come

2019 represents the year that users will get to put the BitCanna blockchain platform to the test. The advanced toolset and multilayered infrastructure of BitCanna will allow it to be much more than just a payment platform.

Those interested in the future of BitCanna can access the white paper,¹ Alliance partner details,² social media links,³ and the project roadmap from the BitCanna homepage.⁴ If you want to learn more about the specific features and tools that are being developed, our informative news section⁵ has the latest details and industry updates. Although 2018 has been an incredible year for BitCanna, it is time to look ahead as we plan to launch the BitCanna mainnet v1.0 in Q3 of 2019. For all those who have shown support up to this stage, the entire team at BitCanna thanks you!

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