4 New Companies Bring The BitCanna Alliance To 40 Confirmed Partners

4 New Companies Bring The BitCanna Alliance To 40 Confirmed Partners

If you are still unsure about where you will be able to spend the revolutionary new cryptocurrency BitCanna, then our 40 confirmed partners should give you some indication of its widespread potential. The cannabis industry has an incredible amount of confidence in the fledgling token, as it aims to directly tackle issues that traditional payment platforms have yet to face into. In Q3 of this year, the first version of the BitCanna mainnet will go live, and with it, an entire world of possibility.

Without further ado, let’s find out which products or services the new partners have to offer users of the BitCanna blockchain.

CBD Green Health

CBD Green Health is a French CBD provider that focuses on traditional values and eco-friendly components. Worldly resources are not infinite, and consumers will welcome any company that takes a more sustainable approach to the manufacturing of products. Green Health’s commitments include a focus on fair trade, and only using components that are free from animal testing.

In partnership with several highly renowned brands, CBD Green Health provides a comprehensive range of CBD products to the French market. These include pure CBD crystals, dried hemp flowers, and CBD oil.


Founded by Christian Perner in 2016, Göttergarten was the first provider of premium hemp products in Austria. That accolade is no small feat, as confusing legislation can make even the most able startup companies struggle. Together with his business partners, Perner has established the business as a respected provider of products that focus on quality over quantity.

Every element needed to sell a product has been expertly crafted and reviewed. Careful consideration has been given to production, development, and marketing. If you want to utilise one of the oldest crops in society, Göttergarten will have a hemp-based product to suit your needs.


The BitCanna concept doesn’t just apply to European businesses. A unified payment platform has applications on a global level. This is something Paisagrowseeds has recognised; as the first Colombian seed bank to offer feminised seeds, they too will be accepting BCNA.

Cannabis enthusiasts living in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico will have access a catalogue of hand-selected seeds at affordable prices. As an additional benefit, seeds have been chosen for their high production of resin and terpenes. These attributes make them ideal candidates for homemade concentrates.

Seeds Of Love

If you live in Finland and are in need of a complete range of vaporizers, cannabis seeds, powdered herbs, or smoking paraphernalia, then Seeds Of Love is the ideal e-commerce site. They focus exclusively on providing the best possible customer service to Finnish customers. As such, they always have a Finnish customer service assistant on hand to answer any questions or concerns.

They claim to be the best supplier of vaporizers in Finland, and they certainly have the product range to back it up. A catalogue of over 50 portable vaporizers means Seeds Of Love can cater to every vaper’s needs.

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