4 New Partners Strengthen The German BitCanna Community

For any cryptocurrency, reaching a planned soft cap is a significant milestone; but without the continued support of the BitCanna community and its Alliance members, the functionality offered by the purpose-built payment platform would be of little use. After all, a cryptocurrency is only useful if it has a network of active and engaged users. Thankfully, support for BitCanna shows no signs of waning as four German partners join the BitCanna Alliance.


Hanfparade¹ are the organisers of an annual march that calls for an end to the stigmatisation and prohibition of cannabis within Germany. Active since 1997, the event attracts thousands of participants and supporters, with the 2019 parade expected to be the largest yet.

Their website includes everything you need to know about the Hanfparade, including how you can become a sponsor. There is also a forum for users to discuss hemp as a medicine, and share positive experiences. In the same way BitCanna strives to transform the payment sector, Hanfparade is working hard to educate the people of Germany and allow more convenient access to medical cannabis products.

Hanf Museum

The Hanf Museum² is a “one of a kind attraction” based in Berlin that stands alongside similar projects seen in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Dedicated entirely to hemp, the plant’s history and uses are covered in incredible detail. Each exhibition is curated with the sole purpose of encouraging individuals to think differently about the versatile plant.

With a long list of special exhibitions, info sheets, a grow room webcam, and much more, even if your interest in hemp is only slight, the Hanf Museum is a must-visit. Now, as well as accepting fiat currencies, when BitCanna launches, the Hanf Museum will also accept BCNA tokens.

Annabis with Bio Hemp

Czech e-commerce company Annabis³ has an online shop that includes dozens of hemp-infused products. They believe in the therapeutic qualities of the hemp plant and advocate its use through their extensive product range. Getting to know the inner workings of the hemp plant is no small task, but the Annabis team has many years of experience under their belt. This enables them to provide foods, shower products, cosmetics, and medical supplements all designed with hemp as a primary ingredient.

Definizium Records

Definizium Records⁴ is hard to define in one word. Instead, the website is a combination of music, lifestyle, and CBD. Music takes centre stage, as the owner Luzy has been hard at work for over 20 years building a record label that supports the music scene in and around Berlin.

The inclusion of CBD may seem strange, but the partnership with Pura Vida CBD perfectly complements Definizium Records’ values. The record label works tirelessly to promote female DJs and give rising talent their chance in the spotlight. CBD is no different—the compound is itself a rising star in the world of holistic treatments. Find the latest musical acts, and 100% natural CBD products all under one roof at Definizium Records.


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