HeadSupplies, Dr. Smart, Holy Ganja, And NannaCan Join BitCanna

HeadSupplies, Dr. Smart, Holy Ganja, And NannaCan Join BitCanna

Blockchain technology is built upon the principle of participation. By removing any intermediaries, eligible nodes can access the secure network, thus unlocking a payment platform that currently extends to 32 industry-leading companies. BitCanna offers a safe, fast, and straightforward means of paying for cannabis and its related goods while thriving on the participation of its Alliance members.

Over 15 Million Unique Visitors Every Month

What better way to encourage network participation than through the commitment of the industry’s pioneering businesses? Every member of the BitCanna Alliance brings its own loyal customer base, all soon to experience the benefits provided by the BitCanna blockchain network. Week by week, the Alliance expands its influence as more retailers and e-commerce companies see the potential of BitCanna. Of the 32 companies currently signed up, their support extends to over fifteen million unique visitors per month.

Keep Your Head In The Clouds With HeadSupplies

If you need a premium selection of smart and headshop-focussed products, HeadSupplies is the place to go. Reputable e-commerce companies are the cornerstone of a successful industry. Without them, many customers would be forced to go without. HeadSupplies offers incredible diversity in its range of products, alongside good prices and a personal approach. The entire experience is rounded off with next-day delivery and daily deals. It is not difficult to see why HeadSupplies’ popularity has grown over the 8 years it has been in operation. If you’re a wholesale buyer, you know where to head (no pun intended).

Be Smart When Shopping The High Street, Be Dr. Smart

The high street is still an integral part of the customer shopping experience. Some customers relish the one-on-one interaction before seeing the products firsthand. It can be challenging to capture the beauty of a hand-blown glass bong from a picture alone. If you are that kind of shopper, then Dr. Smart is an ideal choice when it comes to shopping brick and mortar for cannabis paraphernalia.

You’ll find cutting-edge vape kits, the latest CBD products, and seeds from premium suppliers.

Therapeutic Treatment In Its Holy Form—Holy Ganja

Utilising whole-plant extract, Holy Ganja believes unequivocally in the healing capabilities of CBD. Although sourced from the cannabis plant, CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. The result is the growing use of CBD in treatments for joint pain, IBS, anxiety, and even acne.

Using only 100% organically grown hemp, Holy Ganja opts for whole-plant extraction via nonvolatile methods. Alongside a highly detailed FAQ section and downloadable lab tests, anyone interested in the possible benefits of CBD can buy with confidence at Holy Ganja.

Keeping Things Pure With NannaCan

NannaCan is the harmonious blending of two pure and natural ideals. Nanna is the Nordic goddess of flowering and CBD is the holistic cannabinoid taking the industry by storm. NannaCan is focussed on ensuring only the purest forms of CBD make their product range. Together with the power of the cannabis plant, they provide premium hemp products aimed at delivering medicinal relief for numerous conditions.

All products are handled with extreme care from production all the way to your door. Clear descriptions let you know exactly what you are getting before you order, which makes choosing CBD as a therapeutic treatment option significantly easier.

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