BitCanna Is Now Available Via VISA and MasterCard

BitCanna is pleased to announce the first stage of its customer-focused payment process. As part of our exclusive partnership with Indacoin, BitCanna tokens can now be purchased directly via Visa or Mastercard. For a complete rundown of the details, and how the transaction process will work, keep reading.

Indacoin Payment System is now Live

We recently wrote about our partnership with Indacoin, an exchange with years of experience working with fiat payment providers. As part of our developing relationship, you can now purchase BCNA tokens using Visa or Mastercard here.

Not only does this significantly reduce the steps involved when buying BCNA, but it will become the foundation of our e-commerce payment module (more details on that to come soon).

By purchasing BCNA tokens with a credit card, BitCanna users gain the following advantages:

• No need to own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to buy BCNA.
• No need to head to a cryptocurrency exchange first
• No need to do an extensive KYC as part of a crypto exchange’ registration process
• No need to understand how trading or the crypto market work

How Does Purchasing BitCanna Tokens with a Credit Card Work?

As you can see from the advantages outlined above, buying BitCanna tokens with a credit card is substantially easier than the usual options for cryptocurrency users.

Depending on the order amount and the country, a small KYC (Know Your Customer) will be required. Don’t worry though, these details are checked automatically and processed in minutes—not the hours it usually takes buying cryptocurrency through an exchange.

This is a major advantage for BitCanna. Being able to process token requests in minutes puts the cryptocurrency at the forefront of the industry. Right now, there is a minimum and maximum spend limit ($50-$500), and a minimum price ($0.02) which we will both monitor and adjust accordingly in the future.

A Simple, Effective, and Straightforward Payment Option

Alongside a streamlined payment process, there is also a considerable saving in the number of fees individuals will need to pay. Now, rather than paying fees for withdrawing cryptocurrency from an exchange, trading fees, and any costs involved with buying bitcoin, there is a flat-rate fee of 8% on every order of BCNA.

None of this fee is taken or used by the BitCanna network. Instead, this payment covers the payment process at Indacoins end and maintains a healthy ecosystem with credit card providers. The value received by BitCanna will be used to buy back BitCanna on the exchange and replenish the wallet connected to the Indacoin payment solution. For transparancy sake, you can track the associated BitCanna wallet with the indacoin payment system here: B6CSMgaaAm5WoqRw6dDFBwhLJexwNEHNzY. 100.000 BCNA coins have been sent in advance from our marketing address for the first pool; all future coins will be repurchased on the exchange.

And, as we’ve mentioned, buying BitCanna tokens direct is the first step in our streamlined payment process. The next stage involves bringing the same level of functionality to the BitCanna Alliance. In future, you’ll be able to add BCNA tokens to your wallet while completing an order at any of our partnered alliance members.

Our vision of a cryptocurrency purpose-built for the cannabis industry moves ever closer to realisation. By giving customers an alternative method of payment and supporting cannabis webshops who have struggled for decades with traditional payment providers, BitCanna will genuinely be for the industry by the industry.

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