VIDEO: BitCanna Attended The World’s Largest Cannabis Trade Show, Cannafest

VIDEO: BitCanna Attended The World’s Largest Cannabis Trade Show, Cannafest

Cannafest opened on Friday, 2nd of November at 14:00 and lasted until Sunday, 4th of November, 18:00.

The world’s largest cannabis trade show, Cannafest at the PVA Expo, is officially over. BitCanna is incredibly proud to have not only attended, but to have met with so many keen consumers. Cannafest is pivotal for the healthy development of the legal cannabis industry, a goal BitCanna enthusiastically champions. As such, we were also one of the official sponsors for the event. Read on to find out what BitCanna had planned for this esteemed gathering.

BitCanna Took Centre Stage At Cannafest

One of the highlights of Cannafest was the wealth of seminars, discussions, and presentations by several sectors of the cannabis industry. Throughout the event, industry experts from backgrounds in cannabis legislation, medicine, scientific research, and cryptocurrency all took centre stage to discuss the present and future state of cannabis.

BitCanna’s own CEO Jan Scheele presented the vision of BitCanna, a purpose-built proof-of-stake blockchain, to like-minded business leaders, potential partners, and investors. Although the decentralised ledger offered by BitCanna will form the basis of its functionality, just like the purpose of Cannafest, BitCanna’s vision goes beyond that.

Revolutionary features for the supply chain, consumer mobile app functionality, wallet solutions, network incentives, marketing opportunities, and an unprecedented level of transparency will directly shape the future of the cannabis industry.

Bringing BitCanna To Mainstream Markets

Cannafest didn’t just represent an opportunity to build relationships in the business world. The 16,500m² indoor arena experienced over 30,000 general public visitors throughout the weekend. Many of those visitors were looking for new, innovative products or solutions from any one of the 260 exhibitors.

The focus of Cannafest was not on the archaic stigma of cannabis, but the incredible potential it has as a non-toxic medicinal product. Attendees came face-to-face with their favourite brands and representatives to learn more about what they could offer. Designated reading areas and workshops focussed on educating and further enriching the entire Cannafest experience.

The BitCanna Team Thanks You For Your Contribution

Connecting with customers or individuals passionate about cryptocurrency is at the very heart of BitCanna. The BitCanna stand could be found in Hall 5B, Stand 12, where visitors were able to put a face to the team behind BitCanna and understand firsthand how BitCanna plans to support the cannabis industry.

Regardless of whether you were passing by or had never heard of cryptocurrency before, our team was delighted to meet and discuss BitCanna with so many of you. After all, BitCanna is a blockchain designed to make the process of purchasing cannabis and its related goods simple, intuitive, and unbiased—no matter your intent or interest.

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