BitCanna Concludes Invitational Testnet Stage 1! What’s Next?

The preparations for BitCanna’s launch onto the Cosmos-based network are well underway. We rolled out an extensive testnet program in recent weeks, with testing divided into two key phases; the invitational testnet and a public testnet. Keep reading to find out more.

Bitcanna Testnet: What’s Involved?

We’re currently testing the new network with 50 specially selected participants and seven professional validators in a controlled environment. (Not sure what a validator is? Read more here). We’re delighted to announce that we successfully concluded Stage 1 (of 5) of our invitational testnet on 14th June. You can learn more about our testnet program here.

During the invitational testnet, we reached out to several professional validators and staking organizations. Their role is not only to help test the network but, in the future, support the BitCanna mainnet. The list of BitCanna partners is continually evolving, but active participants include: 

The invitational testnet consists of five stages, each focussing on various blockchain functionality. By using a controlled environment, we can give each partner-specific tasks to test. To help understand what we’ve achieved so far, we’d like to expand on the results of stage 1 after its successful conclusion.

Stage 1: Validator Creation and Environment

On June 7th, the invitational testnet started with 69 participants. This group consists of people experienced with running validators, professional validators/organizations, the central BitCanna team, and BitCanna community admins.

Within stage 1, the focus was on creating validators, getting used to the chain, and fine-tuning the environment. Fortunately, testing was a success, with every single participant successfully spinning up his/her validator!

Results Stage 1

Overall we are delighted with the performance of the blockchain—it runs incredibly smoothly!

Notable achievements include:

  • 69 active validators
  • Over 8,000 transactions
  • Max block size of 19Kb
  • Max data output of 3.34 GB and a maximum input of 1,367 GB. 
  • Average block time of ~5.8 seconds 
  • Relatively low resource use



Besides great test results, we received fantastic feedback and kind reactions from everyone involved in the testnet, for which we are very grateful! We also got to know many of Cosmos’ active community members, all of whom welcomed BitCanna with open arms.




We’d also like to highlight some of the most interesting articles written by our testnet participants about BitCanna and the invitational testnet.

Bitcanna X Cosmos: What’s Next

With stage 1 finished, it’s time for us to move onto the remaining testnet phases. Each stage focuses on specific aspects of the new Cosmos-based BitCanna chain. Most stages also include a challenge for the participants to get creative and build tools beneficial to the BitCanna network.

The remaining testnet stages will focus on: 

  • Network Security
  • Transaction Dynamics
  • Governance & Performance upgrades
  • IBC Universe. 

For more information about the BitCanna testnet and the different features we’ll be assessing, click here.

Public Testnet

After completing all invitational testnet stages, we’ll continue development by opening up the network to the public. For anyone interested in running a validator, getting to know the chain, or simply learning about a cosmos-based blockchain, our public testnet will run for roughly two weeks (dates to be announced).

Shortly after the public testnet concludes, we will schedule the mainnet launch date. However, don’t worry about your existing BCNA tokens. We’ll communicate all swap instructions when the time comes—no action is required just yet.

Keep an eye on our socials if you are interested in joining the public testnet, as well as being the first to receive some exciting news coming soon!

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