Supply Chain


Creating a transparant supply chain within the industry, on chain, one step at a time.

Transparency where it matters

BitCanna Trail will help map out an organisation’s most crucial processes. Each step within the supply chain is admitted to the BitCanna blockchain. This data is final, validated, and always available to anyone at any time creating a single source of truth. Doing so leaves no room for a shady image within the industry.

The scan function in the BitCanna wallet can be used on any product carrying a unique BitCanna QR-Code.

BitCanna is single-handily showing off the best the industry has to offer while providing customers with valuable insights.

“Cannabis and related businesses have suffered from exclusion to services thanks to an outdated portrayal of consumers, products, and the industry. However, many of these prejudices are easily overcome by creating transparency.”

Different businesses face different challenges.

In cooperation with our partner, Cibdol, Bitcanna Trail is demonstrated in action.

Cibdol produces CBD oil, a hemp-derived product. Cibdol prides itself on the quality of its products and its industry-leading standards.

However, CBD is a booming market, and with that comes an influx of suppliers. What sets Cibdol apart is the care and materials used to produce the purest, golden-grade CBD oil. But how do they prove it? 

Fortunately, every batch of CBD oil produced by Cibdol is third-party tested and using BitCanna; information about this process and the results are available for all to see.


Raw materials

Carefully selected hemp harvest arrives at Labocan’s production facility. Plants are selected on their cannabinoid content, and specifically grown to contain the highest concentrations. All data, including the origins of these plants, is transmitted to the BitCanna blockchain upon arrival. 



Approved raw materials are pressed and filtered, leaving behind a cannabinoid-rich paste.


Third-Party Quality Check

A sample of the paste is sent to BrightLabs for independent testing. This third-party test verifies the cannabinoid content, with an overview uploaded to the BitCanna Supply Chain.



Once third-party tested and up to Cibdol’s standards, the batch is bottled and packaged. Certified inventory is uploaded to the BitCanna blockchain.


Stock & Distribution

Stock arrives at the Cibdol warehouse, where it is ready to be sent out.

Transparency Where It Matters

Every step of Cibdol’s production process is clearly visible from within the BitCanna wallet. The third-party test results and every supply chain stage, from seed to shelf, are mapped out for all to see. 

As an organisation you strive for the best, every single day and you want to show off the hard work you put in. And what better way to do so than to let your customers share their experiences. Unfortunately, not all review platforms are open for businesses related to cannabis.


BitCanna Trust

Using the unique QR code on all products verified by BitCanna Trail, the end-user can see their product’s entire production process. Because of this unique code, only those who scan this unique code will be able to leave a review resulting in an honest review platform for both the consumer and the industry.

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