BitCanna Exchange Anouncement

Dear community,

We’re pleased to announce today that BitCanna will be listed on the regulated cryptocurrency exchange CoinDeal.

About CoinDeal

Founded in Poland, CoinDeal is an exchange platform that launched in March 2018. This European cryptocurrency exchange is licensed in Malta but operates from Poland, where their head office is located. Besides this they also received a VQF license in Switzerland.

With an already impressive daily volume, CoinDeal has established itself amongst the major cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and is a leading crypto exchange in Europe.

CoinDeal has grown at a rapid pace over the last year due to some significant marketing campaigns that resulted in high exposure.

As a great example (which some football supporters may already know!), CoinDeal is a global partner of the Premier League Football Club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. For those who don’t follow football, the Premier League is the top level of English football, offering great exposure and legitimacy to the platform.

Why we chose CoinDeal

Our goal is to build an application that becomes the primary cannabis app and payment gateway for all cannabis consumers worldwide. To accomplish this, we need a trustworthy and reputable partner to function as a bridge for our community into the world of cryptocurrency. It is also vital for adoption to have a user-friendly, easily accessible and fast processing platform. We believe we have found this with our new partner, CoinDeal!

Common ground

CoinDeal is licensed in Malta, as are we. We know the process of getting licensed in Malta is no simple task—a lot is required to achieve this. For us, this is, of course, a significant vote of confidence in CoinDeal as a company.

Some benefits we have found in CoinDeal as the exchange for BitCanna include:
• Fast and easy verification
• Easy purchasing with Visa.
• 24/7 Support Team

BitCanna and the BitCanna Alliance’ partners have a vast customer base within Europe. We have targeted the European cannabis community to adopt Bitcanna first. The fact CoinDeal operates in Europe is, therefore, an extra benefit for us. The exchange offers multiple fiat currencies including the Euro, GBP and the PLN, amongst others. In addition, CoinDeal uses a Swiss bank for securing the company funds and storing cold wallet keys.

The coming weeks will focus on the release of our Mainnet, the release of the ICO coins and the BitCanna Wallet. For now, the planned listing date on CoinDeal is set for the 1st of August. Please note, this is not yet set in stone; however, if everything goes to plan, you’ll be able to trade the BitCanna Coin at in the beginning of August!

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