BitCanna Listed on Coinmerce!

The rise of cryptocurrencies has definitely been on the horizon for some time. You don’t have to search far to see the popularity and impact of currencies like Bitcoin.

But where do you start when it comes to purchasing BitCanna? The answer is simple; Coinmerce. This easy to use website is the new hub of all things Bitcoin. Coinmerce is registered with the Dutch Central Bank and is a licenced and certified trader in crypto services, selling cryptocurrencies directly to the customer without a “middle man” giving you peace of mind when it comes to those crucial deals.

Why Coinmerce?

Coinmerce offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for dealing with cryptocurrencies. Purchasing Bitcoins or BitCanna used to be a case of using order books such as Binance or Coindeal, and having to trade Bitcoin directly for another coin such as BitCanna. However, with Coinmerce, you can connect your preferred method of payment to your account and buy your BitCanna (BCNA) coins instantly. Allowing for quick and safe purchases and with a small fee of only 1.5%(!) of the total amount, Coinmerce is sure to be a game-changer when it comes to acquiring BitCanna. With a purchase amount of a minimum of 10 Euro to a maximum of 10,000 Euro, as soon as you have a verified account, you too will be ready to purchase. While there is only the choice of buying is only available at this time, BitCanna is working hard on implement swapping and selling your BCNA coins with Coinmerce as well!

coinmerce bitcanna overview

Registering for an account with Coinmerce is an easy but secure task. With a minimum age requirement of 18 and following a verification process, you’ll be able to purchase BitCanna at your own discretion. Your newly acquired BCNA coins can be managed through a convenient wallet on the Coinmerce site. Withdrawing your BCNA coins is merely a case of adding your BCNA withdrawal address. BCNA coins can be acquired through iDEAL, EPS or SEPA transfer, or the many others listed on the Coinmerce website. This will allow for an easy and secure deposit of funds. Coinmerce is currently only supported in most of Europe (with a few exceptions) and does not have a US presence at this time.

With 24/7 support, your questions surrounding the purchasing of BitCanna will be answered promptly with Coinmerce’s customer service. Giving you further security and confidence in your purchases.

So what are you waiting for?

BitCanna is now live and ready to purchase on Coinmerce! By acquiring BitCanna, you can look to make all of your cannabis-related purchases online with our specialised currency. Perfect for those looking to set themselves a budget but also want to keep their finances separate from their online spending. Head over to Coinmerce now to get started!

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