BitCanna meets CoinDeal

This week the BitCanna team visited Coindeal’s headquarters to formally complete the partnership of BitCanna with Cryptocurrency Exchange Coindeal. We finally met face to face, which, in an industry that primarily communicates online, is a joy and benefits trust and future cooperation.

Boy Ramsahai together with Alex from CoinDeal featuring a Wolverhampton shirt

Coindeal is located in a beautiful office that exudes professionalism but hasn’t lost the excitement of being a technology startup, which it was only 18 months ago. The company has gone through an impressive growth despite the crypto winter of 2018. BitCanna founder Boy Ramsahai was present to meet the Coindeal team and put a face to the names and voices that we’ve been in communication with these last couple of months.

The meetup was a great opportunity for the teams to share thoughts on technical implications, marketing strategies, and long term vision. More information about our plans with Coindeal will be released during the coming month.

The launch date of the BitCanna coin on the Coindeal platform is planned for the 1st of August (previously scheduled for the 30th of July), this allows us to provide quality support during the coin distribution which will start on the 30th of July.

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