BitCanna Reaches Important Milestone

BitCanna’s purpose-built cryptocurrency and blockchain network has reached a significant milestone. We are incredibly proud to announce a partnership with Indacoin, a leading provider of cryptocurrency services. Not only does our partnership further strengthen the BitCanna vision, but it will allow customers to purchase BCNA coins with a credit card—all while completing a transaction at BitCanna Alliance webshops.

Before we explore what this means for the expansion of the BitCanna network, and how the payment solution functions, it’s essential to highlight why Indacoin is a leader in bringing traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency together.

What Is Indacoin?

Indacoin is a bitcoin exchange founded in 2013 that accepts over 150 cryptocurrencies, all of which are easily bought using a credit or debit card. Not only that, it boasts secure KYC verification, there are no hidden fees, and transactions are processed in minutes. In addition to all these fantastic features, it is their API integration that will prove essential for BitCanna.

Our partnership with Indacoin will allow BitCanna users to not only pay for goods with BCNA tokens, but also to fill their wallet at checkout—allow us to elaborate.

In the future, when completing an online transaction with any of the BitCanna Alliance partners, you’ll be able to pay with BCNA tokens via credit or debit card. Even better, the amount of BCNA purchased can be adjusted to suit. So, not only can you complete your purchase using BitCanna tokens—you can send the surplus to your wallet, ready for the next time you want to order goods or services online.

Coming to Select BitCanna Alliance Partners First

This revolutionary step will make it even easier to pay for cannabis or related goods with BitCanna tokens. However, there’s a lot of testing and optimisation that needs to take place behind the scenes first. To begin with, the facility to purchase BCNA tokens at checkout will be limited to select BitCanna Alliance partners.

Over the coming months, we’ll release more information on exactly how our Indacoin partnership will operate. This includes details such as transaction fees, time scales, and how the process works from end to end. In the meantime, we’re confident that this partnership, in conjunction with the ever-growing BitCanna Alliance, will cement the network’s position as a vital tool for the cannabis industry and its consumers. With purpose-built functionality and industry-leading collaborations, BitCanna moves one step closer to becoming a secure, transparent, and groundbreaking payment method.

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