BitCanna Partners With Four More Innovative Cannabis Companies

BitCanna Partners With Four More Innovative Cannabis Companies

Providing excessive amounts of personal information, delays in money transfers, and a complete lack of support from traditional financial institutions. Try to purchase cannabis or its related goods today, and these are just some of the frustrations consumers have to go through. With BitCanna, you get an intuitive mobile app, exclusive discounts, instant peer-to-peer payments and so much more.

Buying Cannabis And Its Related Goods Is Not Fast Or Straightforward—Yet

Not sure where you will be able to spend your BitCanna tokens when the blockchain goes live? Check out our partners page where dozens of e-commerce retailers, brick and mortar stores, and online publication outlets have all signed up to support BitCanna. Of those 36, four have recently joined the Alliance.

Looking For Competitively Priced Seeds In Italy? Choose Erba Di Grace

An extensive range of some of the best seeds on the market makes Erba Di Grace the go-to e-commerce seed shop for Italian customers. Dozens of seeds ranging from Amnesia Haze CBD to Sticky Fingers and everything in between can be bought in bulk and shipped across Italy. Even better, several seeds have been certified as legal for cultivation in Italy. Erba Di Grace also provides seeds that have a high CBD concentration and less than 0.6% THC.

Taking particular pride in their customer service, they publish customer reviews and offer a cultivation manual covering all aspects of hemp and cannabis growing. There is also a fantastic opportunity for growers to work directly with Erba Di Grace through their commercial contact form.

Expert Knowledge Combined With A Passion For Hemp—That’s The CBD Company

You don’t call yourself “The CBD Company” without knowing a thing or two about this versatile cannabinoid. A rapid expansion of the CBD sector has seen numerous businesses enter this space. The CBD Company stands out because they believe in the power of knowledge and experience. That doesn’t just extend to the owners, but their customers as well.

By initiating a live chat, expert colleagues will guide customers to what they feel would be the best CBD product for them. This hands-on and informative approach is rarely seen in the cannabis industry. The CBD Company also publishes customer testimonials. You benefit by being able to read genuine reviews of how CBD has helped individuals in their daily life. Quality products, comprehensive ranges, and professional advice—what more could you ask for?

Keep An Eye On ZanaMed CBD

Despite their small product range, you shouldn’t think any less of ZanaMed CBD. The beauty of cannabidiol (CBD) is, it doesn’t take much to have a beneficial impact on your health. ZanaMed currently offers 10% and 5% CBD oral sprays alongside a 5% CBD paste.

With the popularity of CBD growing, new companies are providing consumers with fresh innovations and competitive prices. Both are essential for a growing market.

Italian Alt Lifestyle Giant—Dolce Vita Online

Back to the picturesque landscapes of Italy, and this time we have the highly respected alternative lifestyle magazine Dolce Vita. Reaching over 240,000 online visitors per month, they are a welcome and influential ally to the BitCanna network. If the latest updates on CBD or alternative advice on cinema and music interest you, head over to Better yet, pick up the Dolce Vita magazine in a vast range of retailers across Italy.

With hundreds of articles available for free, fill your lunch break with insight into psychedelics, cannabis, art, and so much more.

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