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The Bitcanna Alliance is an initiative from leaders in the European cannabis industry.

With their shared interest they are committed to providing the best solution to address the challenges that are currently holding back the cannabis industry. The ultimate goal is to open up the restrained business attitude of the current market in order to earn back trust from consumers, regulators and financial institutes. If you are operating as a cannabis related business, we’d like to invite you to join our Alliance.

Your business will benefit from the following

  • Exposure on our website, whitepaper and other social content
  • The ability to use the BitCanna payment solution
  • Recognition for showing your intentions to improve the cannabis industry


Application Form

After applying, your organization will be screened, followed by a decisive answer whether you will be registered as a partner.
What you can already do while waiting for your request to join the alliance:

  • Place the “We support BitCanna” button on your website which you can find in the media package
  • Post a blog post about you supporting or accepting BitCanna in the future*
  • Share your support for BitCanna through your social media channels

*BitCanna will provide you this blog per e-mail, if you are capable to do this yourself, please let us know.

Yes, I want to join the alliance!

Please upload your company logo preferably as a vector based black/white file. If you don't have a vector based logo please use a .jpg or .png of of least 600px wide (preferably larger).

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