Cannabis Giant CannaConnection joins the BitCanna Alliance

Keep reading to find out about CannaConnection, a close partner and ally to the BitCanna Alliance. All new partners to the BitCanna Alliance represent another step forward in realising the goal of BitCanna—providing a purpose-built payment solution for the entire cannabis industry. The alliance is a natural extension of this goal because it broadens the goods, services and information supported by available through the BitCanna network. 

The BitCanna Alliance Gains a Highly Influential Partner

We don’t just want to make it easy to buy goods or services but provide a reliable, trustworthy, and transparent ecosystem, where anyone can access accurate information about cannabis. CannaConnection is the latest close partner to join the alliance and one that comes with an impressive list of accolades.

From its incredible strain library to its comprehensive blogs, CannaConnection reached over eight million visitors in 2019(!). In fact, the information site has visitors from all over the globe. Just take a look at their percentage of visitors categorised by country.

• 25% from the USA
• 13% from Germany
• 8% from Italy
• 7% from Canada
• 7% from France
• 6% from Mexico
• 5% from the United Kingdom
• 5% from Spain

Who are CannaConnection?

If you’ve never heard of CannaConnection before, you may know them as In 2019, the cannabis information site underwent a dramatic rebrand, building upon the foundations of its extension strain library and comprehensive blog library. CannaConnection is a one-stop-shop for everything Cannabis sativa; whether you need to know how to nurture a young seedling or deep dive into the vast world of cannabinoids, they got all angles covered.

More than that, though, the site is about building a connection through cannabis. You could be a medicinal user or someone who enjoys recreational use on the weekends. You could even be a complete novice looking for trustworthy advice about the cannabis industry. No matter your needs, CannaConnection has been built from the ground-up to provide cannabis-related information in a clear and simple to read format.

What Does CannaConnection Offer?

We’ve touched on some of the elements CannaConnection has to offer but to list everything would be an entire article in itself. However, notable mentions include their complete A-Z cannabis strain library. Not only does each strain come with an informative description, but you can quickly check critical attributes such as genetics, THC levels, smell, and effects.

Alongside the strain library, there is enough content to keep you busy for months, if not years. Topics include the legal status of cannabis, how-to guides, videos, reviews, news articles, growing advice and much much more. CannaConnection also offers a wide range of CBD oils, which is powered by Cibdol, renowned for producing the purest CBD oil in the world.

CannaConnection is More Than Just a Cannabis Information Site

When you consider the breadth of information available at CannaConnection, it comes as no surprise that their number of unique website visitors is well into the millions. And, every piece of content comes expertly translated into German, French, Italian and Spanish, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, CannaConnection has your cannabis needs covered.

Not only does CannaConnections part in the BitCanna Alliance significantly boost the reach of our purpose-built blockchain, but it synergises perfectly with the values of BitCanna. Together we can not only create a connection that lasts, but we can do it with information, products and services you can trust.

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