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BitCanna Pay

BitCanna was founded by organisations from within the Cannabis industry facing the same problems. Change was needed and technology supporting this change. BitCanna creates equal opportunities for the Cannabis and related industries by supporting them with a payment system, supply chain solution and review platform. Find out more on why BitCanna was founded here.

Yes, you can pay your order with any wallet containing BCNA coins, such as the webwallet, bcna wallet app and the keplr extension. it is not recommended to send your payment from exchanges due to the longer processing times.

Our payment method will be rolled out to all of our partners, currently Zamnesia and Royalqueenseeds already have it implemented.

Besides supporting the Cannabis industry by using BitCanna Pay, it also brings many advantages for yourself as user. Including;

  • Discounts on your favourite products.
  • Enhanced privacy.
  • No involvement of banks or other centralised organisations.
  • Worldwide payments.
  • 5 second transaction times. Payment fees <$0.01.
  • And many more.

Cannabis and related stores are welcome to become a BitCanna partner. Get in touch with the team to discuss the opportunities. 


Becomming a validator requires very specific and extensive knowledge of blockchain and linux server maintenance with a steep learning curve. for a full guide on becomming a validator within the BitCanna blockchain, take a look at our documentation

Staking, or delegating, means you allocate your coins to one of the many validators that secure the network. Your coins give “voting power” to a validator making them more powerful in the network. This validator earns rewards for securing the network based on their power. In return for you staking your coins with this validator you are rewarded by the validator. For a full guide on how staking works in the BitCanna blockchain, see the complete guide.

Cosmos is the technology on which the BitCanna blockchain is based. Cosmos SDK is an open-source framework that enables the building of state-of-the-art custom blockchains. Cosmos creates an ecosystem within the blockchain space enabling native interactions between all chains based on Cosmos SDK technology through Inter Blockchain Communication.

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