Four New Partners Join The BitCanna Alliance

Four New Partners Join The BitCanna Alliance

The public sale of BCNA tokens is now live, bringing the revolution of the cannabis industry one step closer. Thanks to the innovative team behind BitCanna, customers will soon be able to make cannabis-related payments securely and without persecution. Of course, BitCanna tokens are no good unless you have places to spend them.

Four New Partners Further Strengthen The BitCanna Alliance

Now is when the BitCanna Alliance initiative becomes crucial. Each member not only supports the BitCanna¹ blockchain network, but will accept BNCA tokens as a means of payment. A growing number of partners means more places to spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency. With over 28 businesses from across Europe already signed up, we welcome another four to the fold.

Same Great Service, Different Products

A dynamic duo that caters to the wildest desires of all cannabis lovers, Vision Trading² and Vision Gifts³ may be the creation of the same Dutch owner, but the companies offer unique products. Vision Trading sells seeds from the likes of Green House Seeds and Strain Hunters, as well as mushroom grow kits, truffles, vaporisers, and bongs as far as the eye can see. Vivid product photos and accurate descriptions make choosing your next cannabis-related treat intuitive and straightforward.

The same experience exists at Vision Gifts. However, this time, a comprehensive skincare range, with Mother Nature at its core, caters to a growing demand for natural topicals. Vision Gifts also offers a complete range of CBD goods. CBD is known for its potential as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic.

Great Seeds At A Low Price

Buying cannabis seeds is one thing. Sourcing quality seeds from reputable producers at low prices is another challenge altogether. Thankfully, it is a problem DCS (Discount Cannabis Seeds⁴) has taken head-on. No fancy gimmicks, no over-the-top graphics, just over 2,850 of the best seeds on the market.

Search by seed bank, feminised, autoflowering, or by strain type. Picking your next cannabis project could not be easier. Another mark of a reputable e-commerce company is an abundance of positive reviews; DCS delivers five-star service no matter the size of your order.

Hemp Specialist

The market is exploding with a plethora of hemp-based products. Given the lack of regulation, picking a reputable seller is an absolute must. Selling CBD products sourced from the industry’s finest producers, hanf-store.de⁵ is a one-stop shop for the best CBD products available.

Hemp creams, shampoos, foods, and dozens of CBD supplements ensure everyone can benefit from the therapeutic aid of cannabidiol. Detailed product descriptions guarantee customers can make an informed decision. The website also comes backed by a service hotline. Giving the benefits of CBD a try has never been easier.

The BitCanna Alliance continues to grow at an incredible rate. Join BitCanna and enjoy instant payments at the four newest additions to the network.

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