HighHouse, Stoned & Successful Join The BitCanna Alliance

Keep reading to find out about the latest members to join the BitCanna Alliance. BitCanna has captured the hearts and minds of business leaders across Europe, and together, we will provide a fast, intuitive, and simple-to-use payment platform for all things cannabis related.

A Community That Spans All Sectors Of The Industry

What started as a handful of partners has now grown to nearly 50 independent companies from all corners of the cannabis industry. Each one brings their own unique values and cutting-edge products. Under the banner of the BitCanna Alliance, they are united in their desire to see cannabis and its related goods embraced.

At BitCanna, we are dedicated to becoming the solution so desperately sought by the cannabis industry. It is with great pleasure that we can not only highlight the latest partners to join the Alliance, but also confirm that BitCanna has successfully reached its soft cap! With the launch of the BitCanna blockchain fast approaching, let’s take a look at what products or services can be enjoyed thanks to Stoned & Successful and HighHouse.

What Does Stoned & Successful Have To Offer?

Stoned & Successful¹ offers a complete range of CBD products, cannabis seeds, and smoking accessories. Every item comes carefully selected, with a clear focus on providing quality brands. You need only look at the selection of seedbanks they stock, or their collection of beautifully crafted bongs, to see that only the best will do.

This dedication to supporting high-quality products is something that goes hand-in-hand with the company’s title. “Stoned” and “successful” is a direct contradiction to the stigma that has long followed the cannabis industry. The reality is that cannabis is becoming a highly lucrative market, with investment at an all-time high. Stoned & Successful proves that not only is it possible to thrive in the cannabis industry, but you can do it without compromising on quality.

What Does HighHouse Have To Offer?

Receiving several upgrades, the HighHouse website² has gone from strength to strength since it initially launched in 2011. The company has a clear dedication to customer service, and this can be seen through their fast shipping, 30-day return policy, and support chat. Going one step further, HighHouse also offers a “Best Price Guarantee”. This means if you find the same product for cheaper in Denmark, HighHouse will match the price (subject to terms and conditions).

The main website is split into three sections: Headshop, Bongshop, and Growshop, with diverse ranges in each subcategory. You can order items as small as filter tips, all the way up to full-sized grow tents and virtually everything in between. Browse their entire selection today and enjoy super-fast delivery.

Interested To Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about our BitCanna partners, you can head to the Alliance tab at www.bitcanna.io. Links to our newest partners can be found below, and we highly recommend you check them out. All of our partners bring something unique to the market, so it’s worth browsing the entire roster for companies in your area.


1. Stoned & Successful Homepage. https://www.stonedxsuccessful.com/
2. HighHouse Homepage. https://highhouse.dk/shop/frontpage.html

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