Instructions on claiming your coins!

Last week we successfully launched our main net, this means we are set to distribute the BCNA coins. On the 30th of July at 14:00 CEST you will be able to claim your coins. The listing date on the CoinDeal exchange is set for the 1st of August. The first trading pair available will be BCNA/BTC.

Please read the following information carefully:

We will initially launch with our node wallet. This wallet contains a live version of the blockchain. In order to claim your coins, you will need to download the node wallet. You can also leave your coins on the ICO panel for now since you will be able to send the coins from the ICO panel to the exchange as well ( Sending your coins to the exchange will be possible once we get listed, instructions for this process will be provided in the next few days.

The specifications, requirements and installation instructions for installing the node wallet will be provided in the PDF file linked here.

In the node wallet, you will be able to stake your coins, by leaving the wallet open you will automatically contribute to the network and you will be rewarded for this. More information will be available on our website in the coming days.

If you need help or additional information, please head over to our telegram at or e-mail us at [email protected]

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