iOS Mobile Wallet v1.0 now LIVE in the App Store!

We’re happy to announce that the BitCanna mobile wallet for iOS has been officially listed in the Apple App Store. If you own an Apple device you can now install the mobile application and set up your BitCanna mobile wallet. In this guide (please note this guide is written for Android, but the same steps apply for the iOS wallet) we will help you setting up your mobile wallet step-by-step, but we highly recommend to read this entire blog before installing your mobile wallet. Don’t have an Apple device? Our mobile application is already available for Android!

The BitCanna mobile wallet for iOS is yet another step in our journey to provide an independent payment solution for the cannabis industry, and getting listed in the Apple App Store is a great step forward.

With the BitCanna mobile wallet, you can purchase your cannabis related products by simply scanning a QR-code. But not only that, our mobile wallet will allow you to:

• Safely store your BitCanna (BCNA) coins
• Send and receive BitCanna coins by manually executing a transaction
• Send and receive BitCanna coins by scanning or providing a QR-code
• Benefit from exclusive offers and discount codes brought to you by our partners (coming soon)



Not Your Keys? Not Your Funds!

It is important to remember that you are the sole owner of your account. We cannot access your account nor recover your account, nor access your funds. Your account is only recoverable through your seed phrase (12 unique words in the right order), which you will generate during the creation of your mobile wallet account. Therefore it is very important to write this seed phrase down and keep it safe, because it is the only way to recover your account, and transfer your account to a new device.

Your mobile wallet can be accessed on both Android and iOS operating systems
You can access your Android mobile wallet on your iOS device by simply pressing “recover account” in the iOS mobile wallet and entering your seed phrase. The same works for Android, simply enter the seed phrase of your account created on an iOS device in your Android mobile wallet.

Why should I use the BitCanna Mobile wallet?
With the BitCanna Mobile wallet you are able to pay for your cannabis related products at our partners Royal Queen Seeds and Zamnesia (more will follow). Simply send BCNA coins to your mobile wallet address and scan the QR-code that shows once you select the BitCanna payment method on the website of Zamnesia or Royal Queen Seeds.

Always have your coins at hand, and keep them easily secure by storing your seed phrase in a safe place. In the future, you will be able to benefit from exclusive discounts in the iOS mobile wallet, which are already available in the Android mobile wallet.


Please note that the BitCanna Mobile wallet for iOS is currently unavailable in the following countries:
China, Canada, USA, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Syria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, North-Korea, Tunisia, Vanuatu and Yemen.

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