VIDEO: BitCanna Gives Keynote Speech At Blockchain Netherlands

VIDEO: BitCanna Gives Keynote Speech At Blockchain Netherlands

Blockchain technology continues to experience unprecedented development and innovation. None more so than BitCanna. Purpose-built, it is aimed at directly solving issues and inefficiencies faced by the entire legal cannabis industry. An integral part of realising BitCanna’s vision is to present the concept to audiences on both a local and international scale.

BitCanna Attends Blockchain Netherlands Meetup

By virtue of their nature, blockchains rely on an active and engaged series of nodes to carry out critical functions. That concept of involvement remains from a blockchain’s initial conception right on through to testing and even once the network has gone live. A fantastic means of driving a sense of community and involvement is by holding events at a local level.

Jan Scheele, BitCanna’s CEO, hosted a keynote speech as part of a meetup arranged by Blockchain Netherlands. Hosted at The Edge (Deloitte) in Amsterdam, the event featured a presentation followed by a Q&A session. The benefit of speaking about BitCanna’s development and the broader implications is substantial.

Speaking At A Local Level Is Just As Important

Jan is well-versed in what it takes to captivate an audience, having been responsible for organising dozens of global TEDx events. Being able to talk confidently about a project you believe in can make the difference between success and failure. In the cryptosphere, where new ICOs can launch and collapse in a matter of months, it is right for investors, both public and private, to be sceptical. Blockchain technology is one of the most significant technological advances of our century, but its progress is held back by a lack of adoption from mainstream audiences. To truly break the mould, it needs to offer practical, intuitive functionality.

Speaking at smaller keynotes allows for targeted feedback with the opportunity for in-depth discussion and analysis. Doing so enables peers to offer insight while exploring the lessons learned from those ICOs that have failed. In many ways, presenting BitCanna to a room full of Netherlands cryptocurrency veterans is not only a real test of the blockchain’s concept, but its validity too.

Spreading BitCanna’s Vision One Keynote At A Time

Part of BitCanna’s journey to mainstream adoption involves gathering feedback from key figureheads in the cryptocurrency community. Not only does this act as a means of showing off the concept and goals of BitCanna, but it enables the crypto token to gain valuable support and traction. International discussion still holds relevance, however, by running similar events on a local scale, the detail and quality of feedback allows us to fine-tune the technical aspects of the BitCanna project.

As a result, the scepticism of ICOs felt by both consumers and investors is mitigated. Not only is BitCanna putting a name to the team behind our revolutionary crypto token, but we’re proving it can stand up to the tests of the industry’s leading professionals.

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