Lite Wallet Release

The BitCanna Team is happy to announce the launch of the first version of the official BitCanna desktop lite wallet. The release of the BitCanna lite wallet version marks an important milestone on the roadmap. The lite wallet will be essential in the onboarding of mainstream consumers. This release allows us to progress to the next phase in our journey. You can download the BitCanna Lite Wallet for Windows and Mac here.

Introducing the BitCanna Lite Wallet 1.0.0

The lite wallet does not require the user to run a full network node. This means there is no need to synchronize with the network nor download and store the blockchain’s historical data.

This saves up:
• Time – it allows the user to instantly use the wallet.
• Storage space – the lite wallet connects with the network but doesn’t require to completely sync up.

The lite wallet has all basic functionalities to interact with the BitCanna network, but it is explicitly more focused on user experience. The new GUI is released with several improvements which increase the overall usability and simplicity. You can create an address, store your coins or transfer the coins over the network to another user or simply complete a purchase at a merchant’s shop.

Lite wallet V1.0.0 overview offers

User protection
To allow the wallet to run in this ‘lite’ mode, the wallet connects to a remote server for the blockchain. Security wise it is important to realize you still retain control of the private keys locally. This way the wallet can create and sign transactions before broadcasting them to be relayed.

The lite wallet is secured with a private key and is password protected. It is important to properly set up the lite wallet and have a backup.

If you are not sure how to do this, please first read our guide on how to properly set up the lite wallet.

New feature
The lite wallet introduces a first of many features that will transit the wallet over time into an all-in one cannabis application of which the cryptocurrency wallet will be merely a component.

This first feature consists of the offer section, which will be activated soon. In the coming months we will enter the next phase by activating the payment solution in the online shops of our first partners. This will go hand in hand with special offers for BitCanna users.

Lite wallet V1.0.0 transaction section

If you were to find any bugs or unexpected behavior, we highly appreciate any feedback. So please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. For frequent updates follow our social media channels or head over to the BitCanna Telegram channel to join the conversation, we would love to have you!

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A big thank you for all of you being a BitCanna supporter!

The BitCanna Team

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