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Block reward split

Since the launch of the mainnet, each block 6,6 new BCNA coins are generated. This process is in place so that participants are rewarded by the network for their services. The participants can be divided in those who run a ‘Staking Node’ or Full Node, and those that run a Masternode.

This is how the block rewards are split each block:

3,3 BCNA coins go toward the Masternode that is selected for the current block if the block is successfully added to the blockchain.

2,6 BCNA coins go toward the Full Node that committed the block that is successfully added to the blockchain.

0,7 BCNA coins go toward the community fund after each block that is successfully added to the blockchain.



What is a Masternode?

A masternode is a type of full node that offers various services to the network and is compensated by the network for this service. Masternodes run on dedicated servers, this significantly improves network stability and security. In addition, Masternodes ensure instant transactions on the BitCanna network.

Masternode prerequisites
To run a Masternode, the following is required:

• Masternode collateral: 100.000 BCNA coins
There is an entry barrier in the form of collateral of 100.000 BCNA coins (excluding transaction fee). The collateral never leaves the user’s possession, it can be moved at any time, however doing so will disconnect the Masternode from the network.

• A VPS or server to host the wallet 24/7, the server should have a dedicated IP address and sufficient storage space to save all blockchain data. Make sure that the VPS has at least 1 CPU – 2GB RAM – 20GB HDD space.

• Linux operating system – the initial release of the Mainnet will exclusively offer the option for Masternodes in the Linux version of the Node wallet.

VPS hosting service
We will add a VPS hosting service shortly to help you easily setup your masternode on a VPS.

For now we recommend using Nodesupply.

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