Milestones Q4 Update

We want to update you on our milestones for Q4 2019. To start with, we’d like to refer to our latest partnership that can be considered a breakthrough for acquiring user adoption for BitCanna.

We are incredibly proud to announce a partnership with Indacoin, a leading provider of cryptocurrency services. Not only does our partnership further strengthen the BitCanna vision. In the future, this will allow customers to purchase BCNA coins with a credit card—all while completing a transaction at BitCanna Alliance webshops. You can read more here.

Milestones Q4
• Update BitCanna Business v1.0
• Launch BitCanna Mobile v1.0 (basic version containing the mobile wallet)
• First webshops within the BitCanna Alliance will start accepting BCNA coins
• Integration of hardware point-of-sale payment solution
• Continuous: Expanding the BitCanna Alliance.

Update BitCanna Business v1.0 & First webshops within the BitCanna Alliance will start accepting BCNA coins.
The first version of the Business wallet is as good as finished. In theory, our pilot could have been in progress right now with our partner Zamnesia. Yet we have deliberately chosen to push the start of the pilot forward.

The reason for this is that we don’t want to send all potential users (the cannabis consumers) to a cryptocurrency exchange while they are in the process of completing their first order using BitCanna. In Q1 2020, the cannabis consumer will be able to directly purchase BitCanna coins with their credit card and complete their order at the shop all within a few minutes’ work.

The recent partnership with Indacoin provided an opportunity to improve the customer journey significantly. This is the first impression we are aiming for, which will dramatically increase the odds of a successful pilot.

Launch BitCanna Mobile v1.0 (basic version containing the mobile wallet)
The first version of the mobile wallet is currently under development for Android. For now, we can share with you a few screenshots of the look & feel of the BCNA mobile wallet v1.0. We’ve progressed towards the stage of optimizing the security, testing and debugging.


We expect to finalize the mobile wallet within the first weeks of Q1 2020. Consequently, we’ll have to move the hardware point-of-sale payment solution to Q1 2020 since the mobile wallet is necessary to complete the point-of-sale payment.

The main reason for the delay of the release is linked to the recent issues that have come up with the blockchain. The Dev team has devoted a lot of their resources regarding the issues that are due with the network’s functioning – i.e., bugs in the node wallet, high frequency of orphaned blocks, and inconsistency in receiving staking rewards. All of these seem to be highly correlated, and a fix for the problems is currently work in progress. Once we have more information, this will be communicated accordingly.

Continuous: Expanding the BitCanna Alliance
The BitCanna team has been actively traveling in Europe in the last few months to spread the word. The team exhibited, participated, and pitched in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Malta, Spain, and Portugal. This allowed us to establish valuable relationships and contacts and get a feeling for the maturity of the industry. In Q4, we’ve also been able to welcome three new partners: CbdOilShop, Amsterdam Seed Supply, and Crypto-stickers.

Last but not least, on behalf of the entire BitCanna team, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas. We will be working through Christmas to finalize our products!

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