Original Sensible Seeds & CBD Natural Join The BitCanna Alliance

As BitCanna draws ever closer to its launch, we have our Alliance partners to thank for the continued growth of the BitCanna community. Not only does their support ensure an active and engaged user base, but their input is helping shape BitCanna’s development so it can truly function as the complete payment solution for the cannabis industry.

The BitCanna Alliance Reaches Over 50 Partners

What started as a small initiative among a handful of leading cannabis companies has grown into a collective of over 50 members. The companies featured come from every corner of the cannabis industry, and include seed banks, smartshops, CBD producers, growing specialists, media outlets, record labels, and more. Each one is united by their vested interest in the continued growth of the cannabis industry—growth that is only possible if consumers have a means of buying and selling goods. Until now, a lack of financial support has plagued the industry, but thanks to the BitCanna¹ network, that problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Who Are The Newest Members Of The BitCanna Alliance?

Now that it’s clear just how integral our partners are to the development of the BitCanna network, it’s time to highlight the newest Alliance members.

• CBD Natural

CBD is a therapeutic compound that caters to a wide range of demographics. Thankfully, no matter your needs, CBD Natural² is a one-stop-shop for everything CBD has to offer. Their product ranges include conventional CBD oils, vape liquids, CBD crystals, and even CBD for pets. What makes CBD Natural an industry leader is that they also supply several highly regarded brands alongside their own CBD Natural CBD oils.

To give you an indication of their dedication to quality, Cibdol, Sensi Seeds CBD, and Endoca are among the brands featured. There is also a range of terpenes from Cali Terpenes that lets users enjoy the flavour of world-famous cannabis strains without the risk of getting high. If you have ever considered CBD but aren’t sure where to start, CBD Natural has a product to fit every consumer’s lifestyle.

• Original Sensible Seeds

Original Sensible Seeds³ has been in business since 1992—no small feat in an ever-evolving industry. Their success is undoubtedly due to the diversity of seeds available, and their eye for quality genetics. You only need to have a brief look at their wholesalers and retailers to understand how they’ve stayed in business for over 25 years.

The listed retailers include the likes of Zamnesia, Grizzly Seed Bank, and Seed City. Moreover, seeds can be bought in bulk, and as feminized photoperiod or autoflowering varieties. If deciding which strain to grow seems too difficult, the detailed specifications featured on each product page make the process significantly easier. Critical attributes like genetics, THC percentage, flowering time, and potential uses can all be reviewed at a glance.

CBD Natural and Original Sensible Seeds are two more examples of leading cannabis companies that want something more for their customers—they share BitCanna’s vision of a purpose-built payment solution. If you want to learn more about BitCanna or visit the partners listed above, links can be found below.


1. BitCanna Homepage. https://www.bitcanna.io/
2. CBD Natural Homepage. https://buy-cbdoil.com/
3. Original Sensible Seeds Homepage. https://originalsensible.com/

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