Partner Spotlight: Spliff Seeds

Without the support of its prestigious partners, BitCanna would not have the backing necessary to provide a payment solution that works for the global cannabis industry. While the features alone would be enough to entice an active user base, it is the formation of the BitCanna alliance that sets the BCNA token head and shoulders above the rest.

Partner of the Month Continues

In honour of the growing collective, BitCanna would like to present another collaborator as part of the “Partner of the Month” series. All of our partners¹ have something unique that they bring to the industry and by focusing on each, one by one, we can take a deep dive into who they are, what they do, and why they stand out.

With that in mind, our latest partner spotlight highlights a Dutch seed company, Spliff Seeds², who joined the BitCanna Alliance in October 2018.

Partner Spotlight: Spliff Seeds

Based in Amsterdam, the unofficial cannabis capital of Europe, Spliff Seeds have been at the centre of cannabis innovation for over 20 years. That innovation has led them to cultivate thousands of unique cannabis strains—each one meticulously cared for.

While it is easy to grow cannabis, it is not easy to produce premium quality cannabis strains. To ensure the best possible yields, flavour, and resilience, a strain needs to have carefully selected genetics. This is an area where Spliff Seeds excel. All their seeds are bred under optimal conditions using rigorously selected female and male plants. Going one step further than most, Spliff Seeds test all of their seeds to verify germination rate, viability, and female percentages.

Spliff Seeds—“Cultivating Quality Seeds Since 1995”

Being in the business since 1995, Spliff Seeds have learnt a thing or two about what makes industry leading cannabis. They are also conscious of the fact that the needs of cannabis consumers change over time. This is why you can find regular, autoflowering and female seeds split into bronze line, silver line and gold line categories. No matter your needs or desires, Spliff Seeds are guaranteed to have a strain that ticks all your boxes.

On their website’s home page, you can find highlights of the newest strains to grace their catalogue. Their current range boasts over 50 expertly bred cannabis seeds, with Afghani, AK, CBD, Skunk and Haze strains available.

Dedicated to Premium Genetics

The dedication Spliff Seeds have shown to cannabis has not gone unnoticed. They are highly revered not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. Their expertise doesn’t end at breeding top quality strains either. To ensure everyone gets the opportunity to experience the benefits of cannabis, Spliff Seeds have a dedicated blog³. Covering every aspect of cannabis cultivation, there are guides aimed at the complete novice, all the way up to growing experts. If you want to know the difference between seeds and clones, which fertiliser to use, or how you can harvest twice a year with autoflowering cannabis, then make sure you head to the Spliff Seeds’ “Growing Cannabis” category on their website.

Over the years Spliff Seeds have proved time and time again that if you focus on providing a quality product, success is only a few steps away. Their prominence in the industry for over twenty years is a testament to that strategy. If you have never grown cannabis before, or you are looking for premium quality seeds that won’t break the bank, Spliff Seeds is a company you can trust.


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