Public Testnet Announcement: 12th – 23rd August

Not long ago, we shared that we successfully concluded the invitational (incentivized) testnet, and as a result, we’d like to introduce the next, and final step before our mainnet launch: the public (non-incentivized) testnet.

We’re happy to share that we have finalized the preparations for our public testnet. The public testnet will run from August 12th until 23rd.

The goal of the public testnet is to teach our (existing) community about the new staking mechanism in our Cosmos-based network, and familiarize our users with the new technology.

Important Public Testnet Details

📝 The public testnet will have unlimited spots.
✔️ You do not need to apply for the public testnet. All you need to do is to join our Discord server (public-testnet channel).
💰 The public testnet will not yield any rewards or contests.
📅 The public testnet will run from August 12th 11:00 UTC until August 23rd 11:00 UTC.
🏁 Guides will be published on August 12th 11:00 UTC.

To learn more, simply head over to, we hope to see you in Discord.

What’s next after the Public Testnet?

  • After the Public testnet we will schedule our mainnet launch date for our Cosmos-powered blockchain. We expect the date to launch to be near the end of September. A specific date will be communicated after the Public testnet.
  • Once our Cosmos-powered mainnet is live, you will have to swap your coins to the new Cosmos-powered BCNA. A step-by-step guide will be provided, and it will be just a few clicks. There will be an extensive timeframe to perform the swap. So you don’t need to worry!
  • We will provide an update what will happen to the current BCNA products, such as the mobile wallet, lite wallet, full node wallet and payment systems.

Stay tuned!

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