Q3&Q4 – Milestones update!

We are well underway in Q4 2019, but in this update, we want to take a moment to look back at the past couple of months and share with you our progress. We’re content to have successfully reached the milestones we set out in our roadmap for Q3 2019. Besides, we’d like to give you a brief update on where our mind is at for the remainder of Q4 2019.

Q3 2019 Milestones

For Q3 2019 we’ve set the following targets:

  • Launch Mainnet BitCanna v1.0
  • Coin distribution
  • Launch Lite wallet, Node wallet
  • Launch BitCanna Business v1.0
  • Exchange listing

Launch Mainnet BitCanna v1.0
The 23rd of July marked the day of the genesis block of the BitCanna blockchain and the successful launch of our Mainnet. Since then, the BitCanna blockchain has generated 348806 blocks at the time of writing.

Coin distribution
The majority of the BCNA coins purchased in the ICO have been distributed. If you haven’t claimed your BCNA coins yet, you can still do so in the ICO panel until the 1st of February 2020.

Launch Lite wallet, Node wallet and BitCanna Business v1.0
We launched the desktop versions of the lite wallet v1.0.0 and the node wallet v1.0.1, which are both available for download
here. The lite wallet includes a business section in which cannabis-related companies can advertise their products. More updates on this are coming soon!

Exchange listing
Last but not least, we got listed on two cryptocurrency exchanges: Coindeal and Stex. Coindeal just recently launched their mobile application, so you can now trade on your phone. Make sure to check it out; you can find more information here.

Q4 progress update
The development of the mobile wallet (Android) is in progress.
Preparations of the first pilot with our partners are nearly completed.
We’re in far progressed talks with a 3rd party to build a user-friendly on-ramp in the platform, which allows customers to purchase BitCanna directly using several different payment methods.

BitCanna exhibited at one of Europe’s largest cannabis-related trade shows – Cannafest – in Prague and met with thousands of blockchain innovators at the blockchain summit in Malta. You can expect a full recap and a lot of content regarding those events in the upcoming days. As a reminder, next week (23 & 24 November), BitCanna will be represented at Cannadouro in Porto, Portugal.

We want to thank you for joining us on our journey to build the future of cannabis.

The BitCanna Team

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