Snailpapers, EliteWeed, and Naturalpes Join the BitCanna Alliance

BitCanna kicks off 2020 with three brand-new Alliance partners. Keep reading to find out what the latest members of the BitCanna network have to offer, and how their adoption of our purpose-built BCNA token will transform the face of cannabis-related payments.

The BitCanna Alliance Reaches Over 65 Members

As BitCanna steams headfirst into 2020, enthusiasm and support for the purpose-built blockchain network is at an all-time high. While the team works tirelessly to launch BitCanna Mobile v1.0 in Q1, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of the BitCanna Alliance with three new partners. And, just like our existing partners, each member brings a fantastic selection of products and services to the BitCanna network.

• Snailpapers

Snailpapers relationship with BitCanna blossomed at the world-renowned Cannafest cannabis expo in Prague. As part of a BitCanna promotional drive, Snailpapers² arranged and produced exclusive BitCanna branded rolling papers. They are one of a handful of websites that allows you to create your own high-quality branded rolling papers for a truly unique and personal approach to merchandise.

Whether it’s part of a promotion or you merely want to embrace your creative side, Snailpapers provides competitively priced merchandise for a small touch that makes a big difference.

• Elite Weed

The clue is in the name, but if you haven’t guessed, Elite Weed offers a selection of Italy’s finest CBD and cannabis light products. And, even better, they guarantee that all products are within the requirements of Italian law. Rather than THC, the focus of Elite Weed is on providing hemp strains with incredibly high CBD levels.

One of their flagship items, Gorilla Purple 1g, has more than 30% CBD, making it ideal for those interested in the therapeutic influence of cannabidiol. And, the flowers aren’t just high in CBD, but terpenes as well.

• Naturalpes

While relatively new to the market, Naturalpes has quickly established itself as a formidable retailer of high-quality, organic CBD products. The Swiss-based company uses a trusted supply chain network to ensure cooperative and transparent collaborations. From seed to shelf, customers can be confident they’re getting the best possible CBD products on the market.

Naturalpes offers a comprehensive range of products, from oil and derivatives to flowers, vape liquids, trim, and tea infusions. If you want to explore the power of CBD safely, Naturalpes is an ideal choice.

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