How do I acquire BCNA coins?

Purchase BCNA coins at a cryptocurrency exchange. 

The BitCanna cryptocurrency BCNA is listed for trading on the Coindeal Exchange.

BitCanna is also available on STEX Exchange

Earn BCNA by staking your coins.

The BitCanna protocol runs a proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, in contrary to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work. In PoS, the nodes are known as the ‘validators’ and, rather than mining the blockchain, they validate the transactions to earn a transaction fee. This is done by ‘proving’ your stake to the network of nodes. The more coins you stake, the better chance you have at successfully creating a block.


Accept BitCanna as payment for goods or services.

The easiest way for Businesses to acquire BCNA coins is to implement BCNA as a payment solution. If you are operating as a cannabis related business, we’d like to invite you to join our Alliance.

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