Upcoming Exchanges Update & WhiteBIT Delisting

With our Cosmos mainnet launch coming up, we’d like to give you a brief update on the current situation regarding the exchanges that the BCNA coin is listed on, and what opportunities Cosmos will present for the tradability of our asset. 

IBC, Gravity DEX and Osmosis
Thanks to Cosmos, and more specifically the IBC function within our new blockchain, we will be able to list BitCanna on Decentralised exchanges; starting with Osmosis and Gravity DEX. The Gravity Bridge will allow us to deploy an ERC-20 variant of our coin on exchanges like Uniswap and Sushiswap, which in turn drastically increases the exposure and availability of our coin. You can read more about Gravity DEX here.

Osmosis DEX is already live, and works with Keplr as a Browser Extension to connect your Cosmos-based assets. The upcoming BitCanna blockchain (Cosmos) will also work with Keplr, so it definitely won’t hurt to try it out already!

BitCanna will delist from WhiteBIT Exchange
On the other hand, it’s time to cut one of our centralised listings we currently have in an attempt to get a thicker and more liquid order book on exchanges with larger user bases, especially with our upcoming exchanges in mind.

Due to a lack of volume BitCanna will delist from WhiteBIT Exchange. All the features offered by WhiteBIT are already covered by our CoinDeal listing. Deposits & Trading on WhiteBIT will be disabled on August 4th. Please withdraw your BCNA coins from WhiteBIT before August 18th 2021. We recommend using Coindeal instead. 

That’s all for now. We’re working very hard on our upcoming public testnet, and we hope to share the announcement soon!

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