Upcoming Hard Fork: Wallet Release (v1.0.3)

With BitCanna’s new blockchain coming up, the rewards in the current blockchain must first be disabled to prevent doubled inflation. By preventing doubled inflation, we can open the swap period for months by running 2 blockchains simultaneously. This gives everyone a fair chance to swap their coins. Please read our prior announcement post for additional details. In this post we will share new wallet builds (v1.0.3) that will hard fork the chain at block 2286271 (September 24th 12:00 UTC).

If you’re new to blockchain technology, we need to highlight that the BitCanna hard fork is NOT the new Cosmos-powered blockchain; it’s simply a new version of the current blockchain in preparation for our new Cosmos-powered blockchain.

Only users running a full node and/or masternode must update their wallets.

There is no action required from Lite wallet users, mobile wallet users and users with coins on the exchange.

How to install the new build?

  1. Head over to https://www.bitcanna.io/wallets and navigate to the full node wallet and/or masternode wallet
  2. Select your operating system and download the new wallet
  3. Safely exit your current version you are running and run the new wallet executable. After doing so, no further action is required, and your funds will not be affected, so beware of scams telling you to move your coins anywhere!

BitCanna v1.0.3 changes

By running wallet v1.0.3, you will switch to the new binary and the chain will hard-fork at block 2286271. Coins minted on the old v1.0.2 build will become untradeable as exchanges will support the hard-fork.

  • Rewards will be stopped by reducing them to 0.000003 per block; 0.000001 for full nodes, 0.000001 for masternodes, and 0.0000001 for governance. As explained in the introduction of this post, this is mandatory before we launch our new Cosmos-powered network.

What’s next?

In the next few days we expect to set a specific date for our public mainnet launch for our new cosmos-powered blockchain. We’ll also share additional details about the start of our new mainnet. Additionally, we’ll expand on what’s required for each specific wallet/exchange user to swap your coins. You can expect an extensive update next week!

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