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Connect to the BitCanna blockchain

BitCanna web wallet

The BitCanna web wallet is an all-in-one platform to interact with the BitCanna blockchain, and provides superior functionality for all of its features, including: an overview of your balance, executing payments, staking, governance, and future features. 

Connect to the BitCanna web wallet

Several options are available to connect to the BitCanna blockchain. When making use of the web wallet, we strongly recommend Keplr, as it serves as an extra layer of security. Keplr is a browser extension wallet designed for the Cosmos ecosystem. This easy-to-access browser extension works with the Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge web browsers:


1. Download the Keplr browser extension

2. Launch the application and choose: “Create a new account”. Make sure to save the seed phrase of your Keplr account in a safe place. We recommend offline storage in two different places, if possible. This seed phrase cannot be recovered once it is lost, and it’s the only way to re-gain access to your account. You are responsible, not BitCanna. In the field “account name”, you can write whatever you’d like. It’s a descriptive (personal) name of your account.

3. Now, click “next”. Here you will be asked to enter your seed phrase to check if you stored it correctly. When this is completed, click register. Your account is now registered and ready to use.

4. Head over to the BitCanna web wallet, and click Keplr Browser Extension as the login method. Keplr will ask you to add the BitCanna blockchain to your Keplr wallet—click “approve”. The Keplr wallet will now automatically log in to your account on the BitCanna web wallet.

You are now connected to the BitCanna web wallet.

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