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SlideThe BitCanna Wallet The easiest way to manage your cannabis payments. The BitCanna Wallet The easiest way to manage your cannabis payments. The BitCanna Wallet The start of all your cannabis payments.



With the BitCanna mobile wallet, you can purchase your cannabis related products by simply scanning a QR-code. But not only that, our mobile wallet will allow you to:

• Safely store your BitCanna (BCNA) coins
• Send and receive BitCanna coins by manually executing a transaction
• Send and receive BitCanna coins by scanning or providing a QR-code
• Benefit from exclusive offers and discount codes brought to you by our partners

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The lite wallet is an easy-to-use desktop wallet that provides a secure way to store your BCNA coins, and has its primary focus on easy receiving and sending BCNA coins. The lite wallet is significantly smaller in size than the node wallet as it does not store a copy of the blockchain on your device. However, you won’t be able to produce staking rewards by leaving your lite wallet open.

Full Node


The node wallet syncs with the blockchain, and stores a live version of the BitCanna blockchain on your device. This requires some disk space as it is obligatory to download the blockchain’s data. While having your node connected to the network you actively participate in the maintenance and security of the network. You will be rewarded accordingly for your contribution by means of the staking rewards.



Masternode exclusive for Linux version.
The initial release of the Mainnet will exclusively offer the option for Masternodes in the Linux version of the Node wallet.

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