How cannabis payment should be done, powered by blockchain.

Discounts up to 35%, complete privacy, and unique offers

Lightning Fast

With 5 seconds of transactions times you are sure that your payment will be settled instantly. worldwide.

Complete privacy

Sending transactions fully anonymous, no middleman & no banks. Completely decentralised.

Exclusive offers

Gain extra discounts by just using BitCanna as your payment method, available at your favourite stores.

Industry standard

Powered by the leading cannabis companies in the industry you will be guaranteed a fully maintained payment method with no side effects.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive offers BitCanna Besides providing a payment system like none other, BitCanna and partnered organisations within the industry offer exclusive deals.

Enjoy discounts of up to 15% on your favourite products at some of the largest stores within the industry. Additionally gain access to exclusive and limited products including seeds, accessories, and merchandise by using BitCanna Pay.

Lightning Fast Transactions

Based on the latest technology in blockchain, BitCanna Pay is able to complete transactions and payments within ~5 seconds worldwide.

This means no more waiting for bank transfers or difficulties ordering outside your country of residence that often require large fees. BitCanna Pay enables worldwide transactions for as little as $0.01

Complete Privacy

Transactions, personal data, and your orders are completely private to third parties. Order what you want, whenever you want without interference.

No personal data is saved and transactions and its details are saved in anonymous hashes. 

Industry-standard (Invest in the industry)

Become a part of the booming Cannabis industry and blockchain space by using BitCanna. Earn up to 50% yearly on the BCNA coins you are not using and help secure the network.

Pay for your products with your earnings!

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